Tradex Asia Ltd is a major supplier to the Food, Juice and Beverage manufacturers in S.E.ASIA, CHINA, EUROPE, UK, USA and MIDDLE EAST with offices in Thailand and China + warehousing facilities in Thailand.


Tradex Asia,


·       Supplies bulk processed raw materials and concentrates to leading juice and food brands some of them internationally recognized.

·        Acts as a sourcing office for major canned fruit and vegetable retail brands in Europe and USA..

·    Assists leading International processors with export market development


Tradex Asia is well respected within the industry, because it has:


·         Joint Venture relationships to secure supply of certain key products

·      Extensive market knowledge & product information, supporting partners in every stage of the product development, procurement, exporting /importing and delivery.

·      Reputation for being reliable for delivery of quality products & excellent logistics service

·       Long term partnerships and diverse expertise in packaged food & beverage manufacturing

·       Continuous contribution in “cost savings & quality improvement” projects